PayBee is your payment processing app, deisgned to get you paid for your service, easy-beesy.

Mobile App Mockup

Get paid better

Get paid with a QR Code or via the PayBee wallet.

Track better

Get real-time updates of all your transaction in one place.

Get rewarded

Get rewarded for earning a living.

Better in every way

We believe that people who serve customers should be paid and at the same time get rewarded for making a living. This makes what we do better in every way.

A thoughtful way to pay

PayBee has been designed to help you get paid, by allowing your customers to process payments by scanning a unique QR Code or if the customer is a PayBee client, you can get paid by transferring funds from one PayBee account to another.

Either way, you both benefit from contactless transactions and cost effective fees and still get rewarded.

Get it. Don't sweat it.

Choose when to get your funds or gain points for saving your funds and getting payouts later.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more news

We are super excited about PayBee and believe you will be too.

Mobile App Illustration